Advanced Packaging

2.5D and 3D packaging, chiplet, wafer-level/panel-level fan -out and fan-in packaging, flip chip packaging, system integration, other heterogeneous integration packaging technologies.

Packaging Materials & Processes

 Packaging materials, high-end packaging substrate, green/nano packaging materials, packaging materials related to other packaging/assembly processes.

Packaging Design & Modeling

 Design, modeling, methodology and simulation technologies of complex packaging, cross-scale and multi-physics modeling,process simulation technologies, etc.

Interconnection Technologies

 TSV, bumping and micro copper pillar technologies, high density inter-connection technologies, hybrid bonding technologies, nano-materials bonding technologies, chip-to-wafer/panel and wafer-to-wafer interconnect technologies, thermocompression bonding technologies, other new inter-connection technologies.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Assembly, testing and other automated packaging and testing equipment.

Quality & Reliability

 Test technologies for packaging, new reliability experiment technologies, reliability evaluation method,methodologies for reliability data collection and analysis, reliability modeling, life prediction, failure analysis and non-destructive diagnose.

Power Electronics

Interconnection, thermal management and substrate technologies related to power electronic packaging, packaging technology for wide-band-gap semiconductors, packaging technology for other power semiconductors, switches, isolated/non-isolated power supplies, inverters, IPM, POL, PSiP and other power modules Packaging and integration methods, power module control algorithms, EMI modeling & optimization, other new energy and new power electronic modules.

Optoelectronics and New Display

Design, simulation, interconnection, and packaging technology of optoelectronic integration in packages such as optical communications, optical sensing, and lasers.

MEMS, Sensors and IoT

MEMS/NEMS packaging, sensor, sensor packaging, implantable device packaging, microfluidics, nano-battery, 3D printing packaging, self- alignment and assembly technologies, wafer-level and panel-level packaging for MEMS and sensors, etc.

Emerging Technologies

Packaging technologies suitable for increasing the bandwidth and scale of large computing power chips, integrated power supply technology for large computing power chips, efficient heat dissipation technology for large computing power chips, application of artificial intelligence in the fields of packaging design, manufacturing, and testing, radio frequency integrated models group technologies, wearable/flexible and bioelectronic packaging, etc.