Advanced Packaging

2.5D and 3D packaging, wafer-level and panel-level packaging, flip chip, Fan-Out, system integration, heterogeneous/hybrid integration.

Packaging Materials & Processes

New packaging materials, advanced packaging substrate, green materials, nano-materials, and related packaging materials for packaging/assembly processes.

Packaging Design & Modeling

Design, modeling, methodology, and simulation for system integration and packaging; methodology and simulation for electrical/thermal/optical/mechanical models, multi-scale and multi-physics modeling, process simulation.

Interconnection Technologies

TSV, bumping and micro copper pillar technologies, high density inter-connection technologies, Hybrid bonding technologies, nano-materials bonding technologies, interposer, redistribution layer technologies for fan-in and fan-out packaging, chip-to-wafer/panel and wafer-to-wafer interconnect technologies, thermocompression bonding, non-conventional inter-connection technologies.

Advanced Manufacturing

Assembly, testing, manufacturing, automation technologies and equipment for Packaging manufacturing.

Quality & Reliability

Test technologies for packaging, quality monitoring and evaluation, methodologies for reliability data collection and analysis, reliability modeling, life prediction, failure analysis and non-destructive diagnose.

Power Electronics & The new energy and new power system

Thermal management, interconnection and substrate technologies for power electronics, switch module, isolated/non-isolated power converter, inverter module, IPM, POL, PwrSoC, PSiP, open frame, electrical design, magnetic integration, control algorithm, firmware development, EMI modeling & optimization.

Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion Storage and Transport. Design, modeling, algorithm and simulation of wind, light, heat, RF signal, vibration signal and other energy harvesting devices, as well as multi-scale and multi-physical field analysis. New power system and 5G communication convergence technology. Key technology of energy Internet of things. Modeling and optimization method of smart distribution network for new energy consumption. Technology of Interrelationship between modeling and algorithm of power-electronized power System.

Optoelectronics and New Display

Optoelectronics and solid state lighting design, simulation, interconnection, packaging & integration, display module encapsulation & assembly, encapsulation of detector and imaging device at IR/VIS/UV or X-ray band, photo cell encapsulation, new display device and module encapsulation & assembly, mass Transfer of MicroLED, wearable, bendable, foldable and flexible electronics and display.

MEMS Packaging

MEMS, NEMS, sensor, sensor packaging, implantable device packaging, microfluidics, nano-battery. 3D printing, self- alignment and assembly, wafer-level and panel-level packaging for MEMS and sensors.

Emerging Technologies & Applications of Electronic Technology for Artificial Intelligence

Electrical modeling, analysis, design, integration, fabrication and characterization of novel devices, packages, and systems for RF/microwave and high-speed I/O, component optimization and power management of computing/communication systems, 5G mobile networking, wearable/flexible electronics and bio-electronics, etc.

Semiconductor packaging job scheduling, big data system, network security system, artificial intelligence system, encryption and decryption system, biometric identification system, agricultural Internet of Things system, and chip system packaging optimization and management based on artificial intelligence, analog/digital/mixed-signal integrated circuit design, communication system modeling, analysis and design.