PDC-1: Chiplets Heterogeneous Integration and Fan-Out Packaging

Dr. John H Lau

PDC-2: Progress of Advanced 3D Wafer level Packaging: 2.5 interposer, 3D IC and High- Density Fan-Out Technology

Prof. Daquan Yu

PDC-3: Application of Surface Analysis Techniques in Failure Analysis, Quality Assurance and Yield Enhancement of Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, Assembly and Packaging Manufacturing

Dr. Younan Hua

PDC-4: Technology and Development Trends of IC Packaging Substrate

Dr. Xin Gu

PDC-5: Failure Analysis on Microelectronic Interconnection Materials

Prof. Zhiquan Liu

PDC-6: Fundamentals of High-speed Signaling for Electronic Packaging

Prof. Min Miao

PDC-7: Advanced Packaging Material: Key Raw Material and Application

Prof. Guoping Zhang

PDC-8: Thermal and Mechanical Finite Element Analysis in Electronic Packaging ——Cases and Problems

Prof. Jun Wang