Conference Introduction

Conference Introduction

The International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology (ICEPT) has been recognized as one of the top four electronic packaging academic conference, which is hosted by Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS) and Tiangong University, IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (IEEE-EPS), and Electronic Manufacturing & Packaging Technology Society of Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE-EMPT). Organized by School of Electrical Engineering of Tiangong University, School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Tiangong University, National Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Electrical Machine System Design and Manufacturing and Engineering Research Center of High Power Solid State Lighting Application System Ministry of Education, National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP) , and BeiJing HengRenZhiXin Consulting Company, China. ICEPT held in China every year, conference topics including Packaging Design, Manufacturing Technologies、R&D, and Photonics、MEMS、System Integrated Packaging etc..., since it inaugurated in 1994, ICEPT has been held by Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Harbin Institute of technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Shanghai University, Guilin University of Electronic Science and technology, Dalian University of technology, University of Electronic Science and technology, Central South University, Hong Kong University of science and technology, Guangdong University of technology and other universities for more than 20 sessions, and supported by relevant government units at all levels. ICEPT attracts a large number of domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, electronic packaging manufacturers participate, more than 500 Well known experts, scholars and business people from about 20 countries and regions.

Tiangong University

Tiangong University (TGU), founded in 1912, entered the national "double first-class" construction university sequence in 2017 and 2022, and was approved as a joint construction university by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Tianjin Municipal Government in 2018. It is one of the earliest institutions to carry out textile higher education in China, and has been developed into a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university with engineering as its main focus and coordinated development of engineering, science, arts, management, economics, law, arts and medicine.

TGU has strong faculties, including more than 60 state-level talents such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 200 provincial and ministerial level talents, and more than 40 provincial and ministerial level teams such as the first Huang Danian teachers’ team in higher education institution, national teaching team, and innovation team of the Ministry of Education, and has been selected as a national demonstration base for innovative talent training.

TGU adheres to the development idea of "being strong in engineering, being excellent in science, being fine in liberal arts and being good in medicine", forming a good ecological layout of disciplines with engineering as the main focus and multi-disciplinary overall development. TGU has 1 national key discipline, 6 doctoral degree programs, 27 first-level master's degree programs and 12 professional master's degree authorization categories, and 5 disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI worldwide. The university adheres to the principle of "morality first, ability first, comprehensive development and personality development", and strives to cultivate senior professionals who are broad-minded, pragmatic, highly educated, diligent with a high sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability. The quality of talent training has been improved continuously, and the graduates are favored by all sectors of society.

TGU has strong scientific research strength and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, encourages independent innovation, highlights the characteristics of modern textile and national defense and military industry, and has 1 national laboratory, 3 national research centers, 10 provincial and ministerial level laboratories, 8 provincial and ministerial level research centers, 6 provincial and ministerial level engineering centers. In recent years, TGU has undertaken nearly 1,000 projects of "973" program, "863" program, National Key Research and Development program, National Social Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation and related provincial and ministerial level scientific research programs, and has achieved a number of landmark and breakthrough achievements. For example, TGU won national science and technology awards 11 times in nine consecutive years and 14 in total. TGU has been granted more than 1,000 patents, indicating the formation of unique scientific research advantages. Many scientific research achievements have broken international monopoly and been applied to major epidemic prevention and control, national strategic emerging industries and national defense high-tech industries.

In recent years, guided by national strategic needs in the fields of new materials, intelligent manufacturing, energy, information and transportation, TGU has focused on the practical problems of high-power devices with high-density in the fields of lighting, automotive, military and electric power, highlighting the application technology characteristics of high-power devices with high-density, conducting research on materials, devices with functional design and system application integration technology, forming the innovative research chain and the whole chain talent echelon of material design - device preparation - application system - intelligent integration, training and cohering the outstanding talents and excellent research groups in this field, and continually contributing to the TGU’s wisdom and strength in the construction of new journey in science and technology power.