Session Keynote Presentations

  • Synthesis and Performance of Silver and Copper Nanomaterials for Advanced Electronic Packaging
    Xi Wu, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS
  • Novel Micro-LED Display and Its Applications
    Zhaojun Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • PLP Solutions for HVM of 3D Integrated Systems
    Tanja Braun (Online), IZM Frauhold, Germany
  • Thermal Modeling and Design of 3D Memory Stack on Processor with Thermal Bridge Structure
    Hengyun Zhang, Shanghai University of Engineering Science
  • Research Methods on Wafer Backside Grinding
    Pei Chen, Beijing University of Technology
  • Application of Temporary Bonding / Debonding Technology in Advanced Packaging
    Guoping Zhang, Shenzhen Institute of advanced Technology, CAS
  • Overview of Fan-In and Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) Development
    Daping Yao, National Center for Advanced Packaging Co., Ltd
  • 2.5D Packaging for 4×56Gbps PAM4 Optical Module Using Silicon Interposer
    Yu SUN, IME, CAS
  • The Technology and Challenging of PLP for 3D Packaging
    Forllin Tan, SMAT
  • Progress and Applications of Panel Level Packaging
    Xun Huan, Fozhixin Microelectronics Technology Researh Co., Ltd
  • Multiphysics Design in Power Electronics Packaging
    Daohui Li (Online), Dynex Semiconductor Ltd
  • Electrodeposited Micro/Nano Cone Arrays Applied in Low Temperature Bonding for High Density 3D Packaging
    Yunwen Wu, 
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Advanced Packaging Technology for SiC Power Device
    Jing Zhang, Heraeus Shanghai
  • Wafer-Level Micro-Scale Precision Manufacturing for Advanced System Packaging
    Daquan Yu, Xiamen University, Xiamen Sky Semiconductor Co., Ltd
  • Analysis of Heat Dissipation Characteristics of Three-Dimensional Graphene-Carbon Nanotube Composite Structures
    Yan Zhang, Shanghai University.
  • Research on The Topology and Control Strategy of A High Frequency & High Efficiency Converter for The Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies
    Qinsong Qian, 
    Southeast University
  • Advanced interconnects to enable integration and manufacture of power electronics with wide-band gap (WBG) devices
    Changqing Liu (online), Loughborough University
  • Development of New Low Dk/Df Material for 5G Application
    Masaaki Saito JSR
  • Microsystem Reliability and Application Research
    Yunfei En, The 5th Institute of Electronics of MIIT
  • How to Make Packaging Equipment Faster and More Accurate
    Yunbo He, Ada
  • Warpage Simulation, Experimental Verification and Optimization Analysis for the Panel-Level Fan-Out Packaging
    Fengze Hou (Online) , Delft University of Technology
  • A System-in-Package Solution
    Weijie Zhang, Wuxi Sky Chip Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd
  • Research On FOPLP Package of Power Module
    Jun Li, Wuxi Sky Chip Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd