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Major Topics

  • Advanced Packaging: 2.5 and 3D Packaging; high density interposer and TSV; heterogeneous integration and SiP; fan-out wafer level and panel level packaging; high performance computing for AI, block chain, and data center applications.
  • Materials & Processing: Novel materials for packaging, conductive adhesives; high performance dielectrics and underfills, thermal interface materials, wafer level bond/debond materials; advanced substrate materials.
  • Manufacturing Technologies: Equipment for assembly, manufacturing, and inspections; process development; repair methods; yield and cost analysis.
  • Applied Reliability: Interconnect reliability in flip chip and wire bonding; package and board level reliability tests under thermal-mechanical-moisture and combined loadings; novel test methods and computational analysis; life prediction models; failure analysis.
  • High-Speed & Wireless: RF, high-speed I/O signal and power integrity; electrical modeling, analysis, design, and characterization; smart phones, 5G mobile networks, and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Power Electronics: Thermal management and advanced interconnection for high power devices; packaging of IGBT/MOSFET/GaN/SiC modules; power converters and inverters; applications on electrical vehicle.
  • Photonics & Display: Design, interconnection, packaging and integration of optoelectronics and solid state lighting; optical simulation; packaging technologies for OLED, QLED, and microLED display.
  • MEMS & Emerging Technologies: MEMS/NEMS sensors and actuators; implantable devices and wearable electronics; 3D printing; self-assembly processes.