• Advanced Packaging: BGA, wafer-level packaging, flip chip, 3D packaging, advanced packaging substrate technologies, system integration, heterogenous/hybrid integration, system level packaging.
  • Packaging Materials & Processes: Green materials, nano-materials, other novel materials for packaging, and packaging/assembly processes for related packaging materials.
  • Packaging Design and Modeling: Design, modeling, methodology, and simulation for system integration and packaging; methodology and simulation for electrical/thermal/optical/mechanical models, multi-scale and multi-physics modeling, process simulation.
  • Interconnect technologies: TSV, bumping technologies, high density inter-connection technologies, bonding technologies, interposer, non-conventional inter-connection technologies.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Packaging Equipment: Packaging/assembly manufacturing technologies and equipments, on-line measurement and test technologies, charactorization technologies and equipments.
  • Quality &Reliability: Test technologies for packaging, quality monitoring and evaluation, methodologies for reliability data collection and analysis, reliability modeling, life prediction, failure analysis and non-destructive diagnose.
  • Solid State Lighting Packaging & Integration: Novel technologies for LED packaging, methodologies for design, manufacturing and test of high power LED module, LED packaging/integration
  • High-speed & High-frequency and Microwave and Power Electronics Packaging: Components and modules for high speed & high frequency,microwave component and device, power device, automobile electronics high-temperature electronic component and device.
  • Emerging Technologies: MEMS/NEMS, MOEMS, optoelectronics,  medical electronic device and integration, wearable/flexible electronics packaging, internet of things, sensors/actuators, nano-devices, etc.