• PDC-1: The Status and Prospect of Ag and Cu Sintering Paste Bonding Technology
    Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee (Online)
  • PDC-2: Failure Analysis in Semiconductor Packaging Assembly Process
    Dr. Yifan Guo (Online)
  • PDC-3: Progress of Advanced 3D Wafer Level Packaging: 2.5 Interposer, 3D IC and High- Density Fan-Out Technology
    Prof. Daquan Yu
  • PDC-4: Co-Design and Manufacturing – Nano Electronic Packaging and Optoelectronic Packaging
    Prof. Sheng Liu
  • PDC-5: Design of the 3rd Generation Semiconductor-Based Power Electronics Solutions for Smart City Applications
    Dr. Ziyang GAO (Online)
  • PDC-6: Emerging Power Packaging Technology and Process
    Dr. Carlos Chow (Online)
  • SIAT Session: Advanced Electronic Packaging Materials Research and Application
    Prof. Rong Sun