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□ A: RMB ¥3300  Include conference materials, lunch on Aug. 13-14.

□ B: RMB ¥1600 ( for students only)  Include same as above.

□ C: RMB ¥1600  Publication fee.

1. IEEE members enjoy RMB ¥300 discount.

2. For option A: participants who pay before July 16, 2019 enjoy RMB ¥300 discount.

3. The first author of the paper who does not come to the conference needs to pay the publication fee, The first author who comes to the conference can waive the publication fee for a paper.

If you have any questions please contact:  Zhang Shuang

Email: zhangs1189@sina.com   

Tel: 86-10-64655251   64655241

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